Twitch Commands

Looking for the Pokemon commands? Take a look at this graphic!

Here’s a fun list of commands specific to our legendary users!

!animal, !krypto, !larnaa, !leanne, !memms, !nosaj, !pip, !pritch, !soggy, !yesaj

Here’s a list of bot commands you can use –

!allofitA message for our charity events – we never take any profits
!animalA special command for Animal165
!autozoneAdvertisement for the one and only Yodee – an awesome cat!
!bdayThe next bday is TheLermz
!deadThis is a death counter used for difficult games
!deadlegsUsed for when TheLermz is looking a bit tired
!died“Encouragement” for dying a lot
!discordCome join a really cool community!
!donateUsed for donations for the latest charity event
!donationsDonation directions
!kryptoA special command for Krypto
!larnaaA special command for the one and only Larnaa
!lurkA special command for those that are lurking
!memmsA special command for our LadyMagi
!nosajA special command for Jason
!onlyfansI mean the only way to find out what this means is to use it
!pritchA second command for Krypto
!prowlerWhat could this mean?
!sayitLists out the commands
!soUsed to shout out users (only mods can use this)
!soggyA special command for Soggy
!sogsquadSome peeps to check out from sogsquad
!songsLists out songs to use for Just Dance
!tyWe thank you for your donation
!unlurkHey you’re not lurking anymore!
!uptimeHow long has Kreenlermz been on
!wccWant to know more about World Child Cancer, check em out with this command
!wosDirections for Words on Stream
!yesajA 2nd special command for Jason