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We are KreeNLermz, a Filipino-American couple that enjoy entertaining and sharing our story. We met at college in 2006. We do pretty much everything together from gaming, cooking, eating, karaoke and creating different types of art!

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We want to make greeting cards, stickers and even a super secret new paper project.

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Looking for some great collectibles? Visit our Ebay store to get hard to find collectibles at the best prices!

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Visit our art store for the latest merchandise. We have gamer shirts, funny shirts and awesome mugs!

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Looking for a custom emote, art piece or layouts for Twitch? We make quality artwork for all of your needs.

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The Lermcake Gallery

Want to see a selection of everything we’ve both drawn? Come check out “The Lermcake Gallery”

Nurse Chansey to the rescue!

The Pokemon Challenge

We’ve been challenged to draw every single Pokemon in existence. Come see how it is progressing!

Weekly Drawing Challenge

Each week our Discord community has an art prompt. Come see what we’ve come up with each week.